MS SQL Interview Questions

  1. Have you ever prepared any project on SQL? Name the projects and specifications?
  2. Define SQL server architecture?
  3. Which are user defined data types? What is the use of these? How such data types are different from system defined data types?
  4. State the difference between unique key and primary key?
  5. How will you implement many to many, one- to- many- and one-to-one relationship while you are preparing a table? Explain the use of each relationship?
  6. Describe: candidate key, alternate key and composite key?
  7. Explain the isolation tables? How many types of isolation tables?
  8. What is the active/ passive and active / active cluster? How these configurations are different from each other?
  9. Define lock escalation? What can be the maximum size of a row and a column?
  10. What commands are used in the creation of a table? State the difference between “CREATE TABLE” and “ALTER TABLE”?
  11. Define normalization and use of normalization? Is it possible to edit and delete specific row and column afterwards?

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