MS Visio Interview Questions

  1. Which version of MS Visio are you familiar with – 4 or 4.5?
  2. What you know about dynamic connector and what is its role?
  3. What do you mean by Data Flow Diagram templates and Entity-Relationship Diagram templates?
  4. What are the steps followed to open the Data Flow Diagram Template?
  5. What will you do to set up the drawing page?
  6. How will you connect the drawing page after you have dragged the shapes?
  7. How will you re-arrange the shapes on the page?
  8. What process will you comply to move a particular connection from one specific shape to another?
  9. In order to place a copy of the Data Flow Diagram to a different document what are the steps you would initiate?

10. What is a system diagram?

11. What do you mean by functional decomposition diagram?

12. Tell us about your prior experience with MS Visio work.

13. What is the most difficult thing about MS Visio?

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