MS Word Interview Questions

  1. What is the latest version of MS Word?
  2. Which version are you familiar with?
  3. Tell us 3 ways in which you can make use of the spell-check feature in MS Word?
  4. Which font is the most used one for official letters?
  5. What are the steps to be adhered to for mail merge?
  6. Give 2 instances where page layout is used more than often?
  7. How will you know the word count of the content of a page in a word document?
  8. What steps would you follow if you want to give the data of 100 customers with 4 different fields?
  9. What is the use of clip art in a MS Word document?
  10. Suppose you want to show survey results of 50 respondents with the help of a chart in a document. How will you do it?
  11. Narrate how will you create an envelope for a letter in MS Word?

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