Museum Curator Interview Questions

Museum curator interview questions are asked to an interested individual, who is seeking to work as a museum curator. These questions are asked to the contenders for evaluating their professional experience, working skills and educational qualifications. This interview process ends up with the selection of an eligible candidate.

Sample Museum Curator Interview Questions:

  • Tell us something about your professional experience. Why do you want to work with us?
  • What do you understand from Museum? What are your job objectives as a museum curator? Explain briefly.
  • What are your special qualifications and skills, which make you a good museum curator?
  • Do you have basic computer knowledge?
  • How do you play a vital role in preserving valuable museum artefact? Explain any two techniques regarding the same.
  • Which approach do you follow to select the precious items to be displayed in the museum on tourist visits?
  • Why preservation of museum articles is so important? How do you consult with the administration department for commencing repairing & maintenance programs of museum artefacts?
  • How do you rate your negotiation and analytical skills? Do you think you can benefit the museum administration by negotiating effectively?
  • Explain your role in fund raising programs for the museum? How do you participate in the advertising campaign for promoting the museum?
  • How do you choose the new collection of artefacts for the museum?
  • What type of annual reports do you prepare for timely submission?
  • How do you upload and update the regular record shelves? What technique do you follow to review the progress reports?
  • If selected, when can you join us?

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