N+ Certification Interview Questions

The Interview questions on the N+ certification help understand the level of competence and depth that the candidate has achieved through the training as against her investment. How the training and certification in N+ has been as an experience with regards to the competence of faculty, quality of training material, schedule and duration of the training etc.

Sample N+ Certification Interview Questions

  • How do you think this training and certification was different from the others you have attended?
  • What do you think can be additionally done to enhance the value offer of this training?
  • Please rate on a scale of 1 to 5, as to whether the schedule and duration of the training was good enough?
  • What is the binary network ID of the loopback IP address?
  • You are the LAN administrator for your company. You have couple Windows 2000 Professional clients that dial in via PPP to the company network’s RAS server. You want the remote clients to be assigned dynamic IP addresses. You reserve a pool of class B addresses for these clients. Upon connecting, you find that the Windows 2000 computers are using a subnet mask of all 255s.What should you do?
  • What were the best or not so good things about the course content and its quality as well as the competency level of faculty?
  • You are configuring a router. According to the manual, you will need a transceiver to connect to the LAN ports of the router. What kind of physical interface does the router have?
  • What will be your next steps now – after successfully completing the training and certification?

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