Network Administrator Interview Questions

Network administrator interview questions are used as an effective tool for interviewing the eligible candidates, who are willing to work on this job position. A deserving candidate is hired by the concerned department after judging the professional skills and knowledge of operating network administrator procedures and educational qualifications.

Sample Network Administrator Interview Questions:

  • Mention something about your job experience and association with the previous organization.
  • Explain the term: network administrator? Are you familiar with the recently introduced network administrator procedures and tools?
  • Define router, gateway and subnet mask? How are these three terms co- related with each other?
  • Explain the diverse networking techniques widely used in the corporate sector? State any two with an example.
  • Distinguish between LAN, MAN, WAN and WLAN.
  • What is DHCP? Explain its relationship with IP address?
  • Tell us any two differences between Wi-Fi and Wimax. Which technique of these two is used for high speed data transmission?
  • How do you upload and update the network administrator records and ensure the safety of confidential data?
  • What is a virtual private network? Explain its functioning.
  • Give a suitable operating example for UDP, DNS and LDAP.
  • Discuss the physical link layers of OSI model. How do you explain the Bluetooth technology?
  • Why do you install firewall software on the network gateway? Tell us only two benefits of this software program.
  • Define VOIP. Why does this protocol widely used in laptops and in GSM mobiles?
  • What is the basic purpose of VPN and VRRP?
  • Discuss the various networking troubleshooting techniques. What is the difference between layer 3 and layer 2?
  • Do you think you can survive under extreme work pressure?

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