New Grad Nursing Interview Questions

  1. Please mention 2 attributes of being a good new grad nurse with an appropriate humanitarian side in the personality.
  2. Which year did you complete the grad?
  3. Why there is a time lag of passing the grad and starting to work as a new grad nurse?
  4. How will you cope up if this job warrants you to work in night shifts?
  5. What are your salary and incentives expectations from this job?
  6. Why did you select this job?
  7. Why do you think you are the perfect candidate for this job?
  8. Narrate an instance which shows you have a very good memory power?
  9. What will you do in the situation where a patient has started to make advances towards you?
  10. What is the documentation process generally being followed in this kind of a job?
  11. You were a bright student in your academic career. Why didn’t you complete your Master’s Degree?

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