NISM Certification Interview Questions

The NISM Certification Interview Questions are intended to find out whether the NISM Certification helps the candidates understand the workings of the National Institute of Securities Markets in such a way as to create value for themselves as well as the organization she works for. Improving the financial knowledge and capabilities of the candidates is also what these questions try to figure out. Lastly, what else can be done with the training and certification to be able to become more responsive to the changing needs of the financial markets and industry is what the answers to the questions below help us with.

Sample NISM Certification Interview Questions

  • Did the course help you understand the intricate workings of the Securities market?
  • Will adding certain more aspects in the audio or video modules help increase the overall value that the course offers? What are they?
  • Securities markets offer a lot of options for investors to get funding at reduced risk and cost? What’s your take on this?
  • What all options does the Indian stock market provide in securities trading?
  • What additional value do you think that this certification in Indian securities markets brings for you both from a personal and professional perspective?
  • Does a career in stock broking in the Indian stock market interest you? Are you also looking to trade in foreign markets?
  • What do you think about the trainer’s presentation skills and passion for the subject while discussing and teaching the various aspects of securities markets?
  • Is there any way that you think can be used to make the sessions more interactive?
  • Was the trainer knowledgeable enough on the various modules taught to you? What’s your take?

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