Novell Certification Interview Questions

The Novell certification interview questions look holistically at the value add the training has been for the candidates and how more capable and confident they are in handling complex assignments in the field of software applications using Novell technology. Also some questions look at how to better the training and certification program from a candidate’s perspective.

Sample Novell Certification Interview Questions

  • How were the trainer’s energy and enthusiasm during the entire duration?
  • What else do you think needs to be done to further enhance the output of this training program?
  • Please rate on a scale of 1 to 5, the trainer’s presentation and educative skills?
  • When booting up a Linux computer, which loads the kernel and the initrd to memory?
  • When a user submits a print job, which directory contains the actual data to print?
  • What were the best or not so good things about the course content and its quality as well as the competency level of faculty?
  • The primary configuration of the automount program is contained in which file?
  • You are logged is as user wparker and want to change the priority of process 1824. It is currently at a nice value of 5. Being logged in as wparker, which command will change the priority?
  • There are several versions of grep in your system. You would like to find out which grep
  • command is being used when you run that command without specifying a path. Which command will provide you this information?
  • After fruitfully completing the training and certification what do you propose as your next steps?

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