Novell Certifications Interview Questions

A Novell certifications interview questions are the questions asked to an individual who is appearing for an interview in order to get Novell certification. This interview is taken by experienced as well as amateur network professionals in the field of computer. The questions asked in the interview should be structured in such a way so that the set of skills of the individual can be analyzed in order to declare him suitable for a job in management information systems or in the information technology department of a company.

Sample Novell certifications interview questions

  1. While creating objects using default values, which object, would you use in order to save the administrator time?
  2. What is NetWare 6.5?
  3. What is the file extension that you have to use for network board drivers in NetWare 6.5?
  4. Suppose you are installing iFolder and using Server Options window.  You are required to enter the name of the individuals who would require tights to modify iFolder using account information. The rights are required by John, Jennifer, Lopez and Henry who are also the users. What is the syntax that you have to enter so theta multiple users get the rights?
  5. What are the guidelines for NetWare login security?
  6. Netware has a security feature in order to defend against password hackers. Name that security feature.
  7. What are the utilities that can be used in order to manage file attributes and directory in a server of NetWare 6.5?
  8. What is a GID number?
  9. According to you, what is the GID number that is assigned to system groups?

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