NSE Certification Interview Questions

The NSE Certification Interview Questions are intended to find out whether the NSE Certification helps the candidates understand the workings of the National Stock Exchange from both financial and economic perspectives. It also helps us understand how the certification modules and their method of delivery have helped the candidate become a hire-able material in the financial world and also what else can be done to improve the value proposition of the course and certification.

Sample NSE Certification Interview Questions

  • How did you find the course? Did it add value to your financial markets knowledge and understanding?
  • What else do you think needs to be added to the certification program to make it more cost-effective and capability-effective?
  • What are some of top-of-the-mind recalls that you have from the Capital Markets (Dealers) module?
  • How do the derivatives and securities markets work?
  • What additional value do you think that this certification in Indian financial markets brings for you both from a knowledge and career point of view?
  • Are you looking to make a career in stock broking in the Indian stock market?
  • What do you think about the trainer’s presentation skills while delivering the content?
  • Were the training sessions interactive enough? What could have been done better there?
  • Was the trainer knowledgeable on the various modules taught to you?
  • Which modules did you like best from an overall understanding perspective?
  • Which module do you think needs additional efforts from our side to make it more comprehensive for the candidates?

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