Nursing Interview Questions for New Graduates

  1. When did you finish your graduation?
  2. What documentation process you will normally follow in this kind of a job?
  3. Please state 5 essential attributes of being a very good new graduate nurse which also has a humanitarian side in the personality.
  4. You were an excellent student of computers all through your academic career. Why did you choose nursing as the career?
  5. What makes you the idle candidate for this job?
  6. Why there is a time difference between the passing of the graduation and taking a job of a new graduate nurse?
  7. Are you ready to work in night shifts?
  8. Give us an example which illustrates that you do have a good memory power.
  9. What is the salary that you expect from this job?
  10. How will you deal with a situation where a patient has started to make derogatory remarks on you?

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