Nursing Interview Questions University

  1. Please tell us the reasons which motivated you to take up the nursing job?
  2. Did anyone or any incident motivate you to take up the job of nursing?
  3. Can you corroborate these qualities which are present in you?
  4. Don’t you think in this present age pecuniary incentives are very important for this job?
  5. During your previous nursing job, narrate an instance where you had been waking up the whole night.
  6. What are the things that you would do bring peace in the life of your patients?
  7. How will you achieve the holistic way of recovery for your patients?
  8. Do you regret any instance which took place during the tenure of the previous job of nursing?
  9. Cite an instance where you delivered voluntary services just to prove your passion for the job of nursing?

10. Name any 5 good nursing institutes of your city that you are familiar with.

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