OCA Certification Interview Questions

OCA certified interview questions are used as an effective interview tool to conduct an interview session of deserving job seekers, who seek to earn an OCA certification to work as a professional. After evaluating the knowledge & skills and experience of dealing into different OCA procedures of all contenders, a finalist is awarded with an OCA certification.

Sample OCA Certification Interview Questions:

  • Tell us about your major achievements during your OCA certification course.
  • How does this OCA certification help your career to grow?
  • Explain the major job duties of an OCA certified professional?
  • Tell us about your OCA programming knowledge and analytical skills?
  • Do you feel you need some advanced OCA training work with some reputed firm?
  • Explain one major difference between RDBMS, DBMS and OCA?
  • How good are you in performing OCA testing and analytical procedures?
  • Tell us about the approach you would like to follow to identify the requirements of a potential client before outlining any type of OCA program?
  • Discuss the beneficial Oracle applications widely used nowadays to design the required programs?
  • Tell us a major difference between TRUNCATE and DELETE commands?
  • What do you understand by init.ora file?
  • In oracle, why an index is used? What type of index is used on a fact table?
  • Differentiate between cold backup and hot backup?
  • Give a basic difference between a segment, a block and an extent?
  • What are the advantages of OCA applications in the production and business firm?
  • Why should we consider you as a best candidate for awarding this certification over the other applicants?

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