OCP Certification Interview Questions

OCP cortication interview questions are asked to the interested job seekers, who want to acquire OCP certification to work as a certified associate. By assessing the overall skills and knowledge of handling diverse OCP programming procedures of all applicants, a deserving candidate is given the certification.

Sample OCP Certification Interview Questions:

  • Why this OCP certification is valuable for you?
  • What have you learnt from this certification course?
  • Explain the primary job duties & responsibilities of an OCP certified associate.
  • Tell us something about your analytical and programming troubleshooting skills.
  • What is the major difference between OCP and OCA?
  • Explain the major applications used in OCP and OCA?
  • Discuss the newly introduced features of OCP? Explain the use of each.
  • What is the use of automatic undo management in OCP applications?
  • How do you perform memory management operations in OCP programs?
  • Differentiate between reusable space allocation and scalable session management?
  • What do you understand by security enhancement of OCP program?
  • Explain the role of OCP management files? Where you can implement these files?
  • Discuss the method of retrieving required information in OCP management?
  • Define the terms; block size, database parameter, reduce unplanned time and LogMiner enhancements?
  • What kind of project report you have to prepare for timely submission? How do you update the OCP databases regularly?
  • As per your overall certification course performance, do you think you are ready to go out in the market and all set to work with a reputed firm?
  • Are you planning to get enrol into some advanced OCP management certification?

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