Office Job Interview Questions

  1. What are the diverse areas where you can contribute your skills in an organization?
  2. Give us an illustration where your official skills did help your previous employer?
  3. Are you comfortable with documentation process of an office? Please elaborate.
  4. Tell us an instance where your timely and professional approach helped the work flow in the previous office.
  5. What did you dislike the most working in an office environment?
  6. Do you have any reservations working in night shifts?
  7. How will you react where you have seen one of your superiors stealing the expensive stationary?
  8. What will be your reaction where someone in the office has been using abusive langue towards you?
  9. You have to report to the office in an official dress code. Are you comfortable with the idea?
  10. How much do you expect from this job and why?
  11. Why do you think that you can meet up with the requirements of this office job profile?

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