Office Medical Interview Questions

  1. Have you ever worked in any medical office?
  2. Any negative experience you have had in your candidature?
  3. Do you hold any special medical certificate in terms of managing front and back office?
  4. Tell us something about your coordination skills? How will you manage your work when you are under stress and over loaded with work?
  5. From which institution you have scored your degree?
  6. Tell us something about your problem handling skills when a Medical office can be very demanding. Can you assure us your excellent performance in that regard?
  7. How are your writing and verbal communicational skills? Is it effective enough to converse with outsiders and business clients?
  8. What is the definition of professionalism? Are you sure your professional skills can easily cope up with medical office standards?
  9. This offered post to you is very competitive. Do you think you can manage yourself with it?
  10. Have you ever faced any behaviour problem with any employee in you previous organization?

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