Oracle 10g Certification Interview Questions

Oracle 10g certification questions are widely used to conduct an interview session of interested applicants who are willing to secure an Oracle 10g certification to work as a certified professional in the market. By evaluating the professional skills and knowledge of conducting and implementing unique Oracle 10g procedures of all applicants, the deserving candidates are awarded with this professional certification.

Sample Oracle 10g Certification Interview Questions:

  • Tell us about experience and knowledge you have gained during your Oracle 10g certification sessions?
  • Oracle 10g certification is going to help your processional growth. Please explain how?
  • Explain the fundamental job duties & responsibilities of an Oracle 10g certified expert?
  • Please mention something about your programming skills and analytical abilities?
  • Tell us something about Oracle 10g. What are the advantages of this technology?
  • Discuss the sequential procedure of installing and upgrading Oracle 1og?
  • How do you perform the installation enhancements of Oracle 10g?
  • Mention any three main features of Oracle 10g?
  • What do you understand by Oracle 10g enhancement by simple PL/ SQL cut & paste approach?
  • How do you run an application on a subset of Real Application cluster?
  • Discuss the role of Automatic Storage Management and Very Large Database in Oracle 10g?
  • Explain the meaning of Self Tuning function of Oracle 10g?
  • Explain the different methods used to produce reports from the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor?
  • How many types of project reports are prepared by you during your Oracle 10g practical sessions and discuss your technique of uploading & updating the record shelves?
  • Do you think you are all set to join a professional form after receiving your certification?

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