Oracle 11G Certification Interview Questions

Oracle 11G interview questions are asked to the interested applicants, who seek to earn an Oracle 11G certification to work professionally. By assessing the professional skill and knowledge of handling different Oracle 11G tasks of all applicants, the candidates are awarded with this professional certification.

Sample Oracle 11G Certification Interview Questions:

  • Kindly mention something about your overall experience on Oracle 11G
  • Do you think Oracle 11G certification will boost up your career growth and will help you to avail the best job opportunities?
  • How do you rate your analytical and problem solving skills?
  • Tell us any three basic job duties of an Oracle 11G expert.
  • What are the major attributes of Oracle 11g? Mention about any three advantages of using 11G approach of Oracle?
  • Oracle 11G databases deliver the high performance and quality services? Justify this quote.
  • As per you knowledge, Oracle 11G is the idle database for improving maximization of the database server?
  • Discuss the technique of compressing data into small informative packets by using Oracle 11G?
  • What do you understand by protective information by using the latest security tool of Oracle 11G?
  • Discuss the terms: low cost storage partitions, data warehousing and Oracle ExData in Oracle 11G.
  • Define the term Clustering in Oracle 11G. What are the benefits of this term when it is operated in Oracle 11G?
  • Do you think you need an advanced certification to join a professional firm?
  • Is there anything else that you would like to add?

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