Oracle Certification Interview Questions

Oracle certification interview questions are the questions asked to an individual who is appearing for an interview in order to get certification from Oracle. This interview is taken by professionals who are working with Oracle and the questions in the interview are structured in such way to analyze the skills of the individual.

Sample Oracle certification interview questions

  1. What do you understand by the term row chaining?
  2. State the uses of Parallel Adaptive Multi User initialization parameter?
  3. How would you describe the structure of Shared Pool in SGA?
  4. Do you think that ITIL certification is useful? How do you think it will help software engineers?
  5. What do you understand by row migration?
  6. Do you think that a column with data in a table in Oracle can be deleted?
  7. Do you think that a column in a table with indexes in Oracle can be deleted?
  8. Do you think that default value to a column can be added to a column in a table which contains both null and not null values?
  9. What is the maximum number of columns present in table?
  10. Suppose you are sorting in ascending order on a column which has NULL values, where do you think the NULL values will show up in the final result?
  11. How much time does it take to execute an SQL statement?
  12. What are DATE functions?
  13. What is the maximum length of all subjects of Oracle?
  14. Suppose if there is no statement in an Anonymous block, what happens in Oracle?

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