Oracle RAC interview questions

  1. How did you hear about the vacancy here and why would you like to apply for this job?
  2. What is Oracle RAC and what areas of database management does it address?
  3. What is a cluster-aware shared storage and why is it used in an Oracle RAC environment?
  4. How would a RAC database make difference to an Oracle DBA? What is its significance?
  5. How would you use service in an Oracle RAC environment?
  6. In a typical situation, what are the various administrative tools used by an Oracle RAC administrator?
  7. What are the initialization parameters that must have the same value for consequent instances in an Oracle RAC environment?
  8. Which are the 2 most important parameters that need to be defined while starting an ASM instance on an Oracle RAC setup?
  9. How will your abilities bring a value add to your organization?
  10. What are your long term goals as an Oracle RCA administrator?

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