Outbound Call Centre Interview Questions

An outbound call centre job involves a desire to communicate with customers or companies, as the case may be, and to create in them a need for a specific product. This involves succinct convincing skills. Outbound call centre interview questions must assess a candidate’s technical skills as well as his personnel management capacity.

Sample Outbound Call Centre Interview Questions

  1. Is this your first experience in a call centre? How aware are you of the technicalities of the job?
  2. How would you differentiate between an inbound call centre and an outbound call centre? Elucidate with an example of each type
  3. How familiar are you with the various types of technology that are associated with call canters? How would you differentiate between premise based call centre technology and virtual call centre technology?
  4. Call centers have faced the criticism of inept handlers and inefficient personnel before. How do you plan on combating this negative stereotype?
  5. Research about the product is an extremely important aspect of an outbound call centre employee in order to sell and market it to his customer. What is your take on this? What is your idea of thorough research?
  6. Are you satisfied with your pay packet? Are you willing to make any suggestions that you would like us to take into account?
  7. How do plan on handling the customers who misbehave with you? What is your notion of job stress, a term associated rather frequently with call centers?
  8. Tell us why we should hire you despite having candidates with greater experience?

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