Payroll Clerk Interview Questions

Payroll clerk interview questions are exceptionally figured questions asked to the interested candidate, who is sitting for the interview of a payroll clerk job position. By asking these questions, the concerned department can measure the professional experience, knowledge of payroll procedures and education level of a contender.

Sample Payroll Clerk Interview Questions:

  • Please tell us about your professional background?
  • Define payroll. Mention the various payroll procedures conducted regularly for updating the payroll database?
  • Explain the job duties and key responsibilities of a payroll clerk.
  • State the payroll principles and standards defined to work and maintain an organization’s payroll system.
  • In your regular job duties, how do you handle the errors and calculations problems?
  • Name the payroll software you can access? Do you have knowledge of some accounting software as well?
  • As a payroll clerk, how do you protect the salary information and confidential records of an organization?
  • Do you have experience of handling typical payroll issues raised by the employees? If yes, tell us about your strategy to deal with such a situation?
  • Explain your role with payroll administration. Discuss the nature of problems generally occurred during the payroll record submission?
  • What do you understand from employer’s social security, compensation payments and payroll liabilities? Discuss the relationship between these three entities.
  • Tell us the formula for calculating provincial income and social security taxes.
  • According to you, what skills should a payroll clerk have to thrive under the pressure?
  • Do you think you can complete the assigned work within the deadlines?
  • Why should we hire you as we have more experienced job seekers than you?

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