Pega testing interview questions

Pega Testing interview questions are used as an effective interview tool to judge the technical knowledge of the interested software candidates who possess Pega Testing experience and wish to work in the IT sector. Pega Testing interview questions are very helpful in evaluating the professional expertise, abilities and necessary skills of the candidates to appoint a deserving applicant to handle Pega Testing tasks.

Sample of Pega testing interview questions:

  • Tell us something about your Pega Testing work experience. How long have you been performing Pega Testing?
  • As per your experience, please tell us the major advantages and limitations of Pega Testing.
  • What do you know about Pega System? Tell us the names of other Pega Software as well which have you used in your career.
  • Mention the beneficial Pega Testing Applications which are regularly used in performing testing procedures.
  • What is Rational Functional Tester? How is it different from Pega Testing?
  • Explain TestPartner, QTP and Black- Box Testing. Also talk about the advantages of these testing programs.
  • How many Software projects have you handled in your previous organization? Name the software projects where you have used Pega Testing.
  • Do you think that by using Pega Testing you can easily test Flow Rules, Decision Rules and Integrations?
  • Tell us the method of performing Automated Regression Testing by using Pega Testing.
  • Do you agree that Pega Testing is a Rule Based Testing? If yes, please explain how?
  • If selected when can you join us?

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