Personal assistant job interview questions

  1. Have you ever worked as a personal assistant before?
  2. What were your duties and responsibilities as a personal assistant in your previous job?
  3. Please specify in what way you assisted your employer.
  4. What do you feel are your biggest strengths and weaknesses, professionally?
  5. Do you have knowledge of computer? Please specify what technical familiarity you have with software applications.
  6. Are you willing to work long hours and during holidays during special situations or emergencies?
  7. What are your expectations from the job offered by us?
  8. What has been the greatest challenge that you faced a personal assistant and how did you overcome it?
  9. How do you deal with stress or conflict in your workplace?
  10. What are your most-liked and most-disliked experiences in your previous job?
  11. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
  12. How do you maintain a balance between your personal and professional life?

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