Personal Training Interview Questions

  1. Can you take us through your resume?
  2. How do you think your previous jobs helped you to learn the tricks of trade about personal training?
  3. Your resume says you were good in computers. What made to choose personal training as your career?
  4. Share with us one instance where you had a daunting task in your job as a personal trainer?
  5. According to you what are the occupational hazards associated with such a job?
  6. What are your salary expectations from this job?
  7. Are you willing to work in a rotational night shift mode?
  8. Cite an example where your previous experience helped you deal with a very critical situation of a personal training job?
  9. Which suits you the most – an incentive based salary or a fixed monthly salary?
  10. Please recall an instance where your experience helped your employer to arrive at a policy decision for the entity?

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