Pharmaceutical Job Interview Questions

  1. Can you tell us 5 basic differences between a Pharmaceutical job and a doctors’ job?
  2. Your academic records speak of your immense knowledge of computers. Any special reason for it?
  3. You have completed the Bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences. Why didn’t you complete your Master’s Degree?
  4. How will you deal with a customer who has turned up at your doorstep to buy a medicine which cannot be given without a valid prescription?
  5. Give us an example where your medical know how was useful for your previous pharmaceutical job.
  6. Name 5 biggest pharmaceutical companies of your country.
  7. Do you know what medicines are needed for a HIV patient?
  8. How much salary will suffice your monetary expectation from this job?
  9. Are you familiar with the different time slots in which you have to work?
  10. Tell us one instance when your previous experience helped the management find a solution to an adverse circumstance.

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