Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Questions

Pharmaceutical sales interview questions are questions that are asked form person who appear for the role pharmaceutical sales representative. The role of pharmaceutical sales representative is to promote the sales of the new medicine developed by companies. The role requires a sound professional knowledge and high motivation to market products easily. The set of questions asked in the interview are used to deduce the candidate knowledge and competence for the required role.

Sample Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Questions

  • What is your educational qualification and how will it support you for this role effectively?
  • What do understand about the role of pharmaceutical sales representative?
  • How a typical day for a pharmaceutical sales representative starts and ends?
  • What is the most challenging part that is involved in this role?
  • For a given territory you will be assigned to generate a minimum amount of sales. How will you manage the sales?
  • How you will convince the physician about any specific drug that your company manufactures?
  • For this role you have to travel extensively from one part to another part. Are you okay with travelling?
  • Have you previously worked for any company in this role?
  • What are your major achievements while working for your previous employer?
  • Have you faced any situation where you have fallen short of a target consistently? How did you manage the situation?
  • How much importance a product portfolio plays while generating sales?
  • Why you want to make a career in this sector?

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