Pharmaceutical Sales Job Interview Questions

  1. Can you please take us through your resume?
  2. What is your experience in sales of Schedule-H medicines as given in the constitution?
  3. How will you deal with a situation where one of your high-value customers wants you to sell his certain medicines which are banned by the government?
  4. How important is profit for you?
  5. How will you react if you are asked to breach the ethical standards set by regulatory authorities to attain your targeted sales?
  6. How will you report your monthly sales to your superior?
  7. Are you acquainted with working under a team?
  8. How do you plan to achieve the deadlines set for you?
  9. Cite one example where your previous experience in pharmaceutical job fetched your employer huge sales order?
  10. You might have to travel extensively to meet the requirements of this job. Do you have any reservations about it?
  11. What salary package suits you?

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