Pharmaceutical Sales Manager Interview Questions

A pharmaceutical sales manager must not only be extremely adept at selling the latest products he has to offer, but he must also have excellent skills in pitching his point of view in the face of enormous competition. Thus, a pharmaceutical sales manager interview questions must focus on his salesmanship, man-management abilities and vision for the growth of his company.

Sample Pharmaceutical Sales Manager Interview Questions

  1. Is your previous professional experience similar to what you will be expected to do in this job?
  2. Give a brief description about your work in previous office. How has it enabled you to face the challenges of a pharmaceutical sales job?
  3. As a sales manager, what kind of objectives do you have in mind for the growth and development of your company?
  4. How necessary are strong interpersonal, personnel management and communication skills in this field?
  5. How will you pitch a product before a hospital or a care unit? Give a brief demonstration.
  6. How important would you consider team work in a profession like this? How do you plan to operate the large databases that will be an inevitable part of this job?
  7. Are you satisfied with the basic salary per annum that we are offering?
  8. What are the specialized skills you will be bringing into this job? Why should we select you despite candidates with higher experience?
  9. Where do you see yourself in this job after five years?
  10. What are your hobbies?
  11. If selected, when can you join us?

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    Thanks for the tips to face the post of sales manager.

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