Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Interview Questions

A pharmaceutical sales representative is not only expected to be completely knowledgeable about the product in question, he or she must also be thoroughly in sync with the latest developments in the field. Thus, a pharmaceutical sales representative interview questions must highlight the potential of the candidate in these areas.

Sample Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Interview Questions

  1. Have you ever had prior experience of working in the health sector? Elaborate, if yes.
  2. Why did you quit your last job? What are the three most important goals that a pharmaceutical sales representative should have?
  3. How do you plan on taking your firm to the next level through your enterprise and hard work? How will you delegate work to your juniors? How important are man-management skills in this field?
  4. What are your strong points in sales career? How has it equipped you to face the challenges that lie ahead?
  5. Why are you attracted to this field? What potential do you think it has in future? How do you expect your capabilities to be utilized by a firm that hires you?
  6. How strong are your salesmanship abilities? Give a brief demonstration of pitching a product to this panel?
  7. How important do you think thorough research is in this field? How do you plan on keeping yourself updated about new products and market trends?
  8. Are you satisfied with the salary we are offering for this position? What are the perks that you would like us to incorporate?
  9. Is there anything else that you would like to know about this job profile?

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