Pharmaceutical Technician Interview Questions

Most pharmaceutical technicians work for private companies and look for scope to go abroad and carry out research. A pharmaceutical technician also called drug technicians is usually supervised by a physician, scientist or veterinarian. Therefore pharmaceutical technician interview questions should be framed so that it could properly recognize a candidate’s true ability in assisting scientists in pharmaceutical industries

Sample Pharmaceutical Technician Interview Questions

  1. What knowledge do you have about professional work on chemistry, micro biology, pharmacology and bio chemistry?
  2. Will you be able to work if you are made to work on complicated procedures under supervision and proper guidance through instruction?
  3. How will you relate your achievements till date with your career interest?
  4. Will you be able to do more than the routine work at times when there will be a case of urgency?
  5. What idea do you have regarding acute disease prevention, therapy, and diagnosis?
  6. What is your idea about biological products, including serums, vaccines, and toxins?
  7. Do you have any demands or special mention regarding your pay packet?
  8. Why are chemical and botanical products mainly used in pharmaceutical firms?
  9. How will you help in preparing laboratory experiments and recording the results for research and development in future?
  10. Why are finished drugs namely vitamin pills, antiseptics, antibiotics and tranquilisers preferable to use over coarse drugs?
  11. What is the dream project in which you want to work at ahead in your career?
  12. What is the use of nomenclature in pharmaceutical industry?

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