PHP Certification Interview Questions

PHP certification interview questions are widely used to interview the interested candidates, who seek to secure a PHP certification to work as a professional. By assessing the knowledge & skills of handling diverse PHP programs of all applicants, a group of deserving applicants is being awarded with this certification.

Sample PHP Certification Interview Questions:

  • After attending the programming sessions and practical classes of PHP certification, do you think you are enough qualified to work as a PHP associate in the market?
  • This certification is going to boost up your career. Please explain how?
  • Explain the main job duties of a PHP certified professional?
  • Tell us something about your analytical and programming problem solving skills?
  • How do you rate your PHP fluency skills?
  • Before planning a particular PHP project, what type of factors and programming attributes would you like to study?
  • How many PHP projects have you handled during your certification sessions?
  • Tell us about a situation, where you could not design a required PHP project?
  • Explain the terms: PHP web output page, dynamic web pages and high profile oracle implementations?
  • What do you understand by server side application?
  • Explain the use of PHP in web architect and configuration.
  • Tell us about PHP troubleshooting techniques and security policies.
  • Can you prepare the effective PHP presentations?
  • What type of stress management strategy do you use to remain stress free while performing assigned procedures within a tight deadline?
  • Name the weekly project reports and monthly progress software documents you have to prepare for timely submission.
  • Would you like to opt for some advanced PHP course after this?

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