PHP Job Interview Questions

  1. Give a brief about your IT skills and other educational skills?
  2. Since how many years you are active in programming sector? Which all companies you have worked till now?
  3. Which special tag is used for display direct to the browser?
  4. Define: string, array and how will you assign a value to the variable?
  5. Discuss the different case statements including end if and nested else if loop statement?
  6. What do you mean by creating a class in particular class? What are binary and tertiary conditional operators? Where to use them while programming?
  7. What is the meaning of print? ?23 and x23? What is the function of echo and print?
  8. Explain _sleep and _wakeup? What is the method to call constructor for a class and how you will assign single quotes to strings?
  9. What are special tags? Differentiate between requires and include?
  10. Does any error occur if “_” is missed? What output will come? Name the error and method to fix it?

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