Police Recruitment Interview Questions

  1. Mention about yourself and your interests?
  2. From which university have you completed your educational qualifications? Do you have any NCC certificate?
  3. What motivates you the most to join Police? Is any of your acquaintance working in Police department? How do you rate your physical fitness?
  4. What do you understand by term “Police”? How this organization works and what is the role of Police to maintain law and order in society?
  5. Do you understand the responsibilities of Policeman? Do you think you can manage its stressful conditions?
  6. A policeman requires good leadership qualities and effective command over languages; do you think you have both the qualities in you? Can you speak the local language fluently?
  7. Explain the difference between code of ethics and Code of conduct? Where can you put up these codes?
  8. What is your biggest strength and weakness?
  9. How do you rate mental sharpness?
  10. Do you have any questions?

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