Practice Nursing Interview Questions

  1. Mention 3 attributes of being a good practice nurse with a humanitarian side in your personality.
  2. Please narrate one such incident which proves you are always prompt and timely in attending the patients.
  3. Will you please take us through your resume?
  4. Your resume speaks that you were a good computer science student. Why did you opt for this practice nursing job?
  5. What are elementary qualifications and expertise that are expected in a good practice nurse?
  6. A good practice nurse is expected to have a very pleasant personality. What do you have to say about this?
  7. What are your salary expectations from this job?
  8. Cite an example which will go a long way proving your experience and skills benefited your previous employer.
  9. Your resume says you haven’t completed the Master’s Degree in nursing. Why didn’t you opt to complete it?
  10. Do you wish to make any add anything else to your resume?

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