Pro *C interview questions

  1. How much care you familiar with Pro*C? Do you have any experience with this complier?
  2. Have you scored any kind of specialization in C programming?
  3. Explain Concept of Pro*C briefly? What is the use of it? Tell about the syntax of Pro*C?
  4. What processor directives and statements levels are used in Pro*C?
  5. Explain host variable? Name the different variables Pro*C supports? What is the difference between char[] and char[n]?
  6. How do you write a program using structure, array and pointer? Explain each with the help of example?
  7. What is indicator variable? How does it attach to host variable?
  8. How does Pro *C compatible in SQL and Oracle servers?
  9. What is the methods of truncation in Oracle Pro*C? Explain error handling?
  10. What is the procedure to run C and C++ programs using Pro *C?
  11. Name any five embedded SQL statements which are supported by Pro *C?
  12. Discuss the limitation of Pro*C?

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