Probation Officer Job Interview Questions

  1. Tell us more about your previous stint as a probation office? Do you regret anything?
  2. What do you know about the difference between a state probation office and a federal probation officer?
  3. How will go about supervising a group of convicts who are on a parole for an offence involving drug abuse?
  4. Cite one instance where you had a very pleasant experience while supervising a convict of a cyber crime?
  5. Tell us how your skills and abilities helped in dealing with a hardcore murderer?
  6. What is the general behavior of these convicts when you introduce yourself for the first time?
  7. Narrate an instance where you had a grueling time dealing with one such offender?
  8. According to you, what precautions should a probation officer take to keep controversies at bay?
  9. Why were the circumstances which forced you to choose this job?
  10. Do you wish to add anything else to your resume?
  11. What is your salary expectation?

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