Programmer Job Interview Questions

  1. Which are the programming languages that you are aware of?
  2. Among these, which is your area of specialization?
  3. What is your experience in programming for a manufacturing unit?
  4. C++ is said to be the mother of all programming languages. What do you have to say about this statement?
  5. What are the different stages involved in programming? Can you tell which is considered the most vital stage?
  6. What is the difference between a hacker and a cracker?
  7. Do you have the experience of working under a team leader?
  8. Tell us one such instance where you made a computer program in your previous job which turned out to be a boon for your employer?
  9. Please let us know what do you understand by ‘Actionscript’?
  10. Do you have any prior experience in CADD?
  11. What do you dislike about a programming language?
  12. What salary package you want?

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