Property accounting administrator Interview Questions

Property accounting administrator interview questions are asked to the interested contenders, who are willing to sit for the interview session of property accounting administrator designation. By evaluating essential attributes such as education qualifications, professional working experience and knowledge of handling diverse property accounting procedures, a deserving candidate is selected by the HR department.

Sample Property accounting administrator Interview Questions:

  • Kindly tell us something about your professional working experience? Why do you want to work with us?
  • Define property accounting admiration. Mention five major job duties & responsibilities of a property accounting administrator.
  • Tell us something about your role in forecasting partnership budget and what method do you follow to review the previous budgets?
  • What do you understand from tax return? Tell us the latest tax return slabs approved by the government?
  • How do you conduct the monthly analysis of account variances? What records do you update and upload for the same?
  • Are you aware about all property accounting agreements and contracts? Discuss any two with the help of example.
  • What do you understand by a property accounting audit?  Explain your role in this procedure.
  • How many types of property accounting audit are widely used? Why external annual audit is so important for cross- checking facts & figures?
  • How do you review the latest transactions and GAAP procurements?
  • Define the monthly closing process of property accounting administration.
  • Do you think you can fulfil all of your job assignments when you are working under pressure? What is your professional stress buster technique?
  • What skills have you learnt from the property accounting administration department?
  • Why should we hire you for this designation? Explain logically.

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