Psychological Job Interview Questions

  1. Tell us more about what were the reasons why you opted for this psychological job?
  2. Your resume says you were equally good in creativity. What made you choose an altogether different arena?
  3. You have left your Masters Degree in Psychology half done. Do you have any plans to complete it?
  4. What are the essential qualities needed to succeed in this job?
  5. Are you used to work in different shifts? Which shift is more appropriate for you and why?
  6. Give us an example where you experience in the same type of job helped you in solving a complex situation?
  7. What are your long term and short term goals? How do you plan to achieve them?
  8. Did your skills and abilities help your previous employer in any particular situation? Can you elaborate?
  9. Cite an instance which had been an eye opener for you in this profession.
  10. How much salary do you expect?

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