Public accountant Interview Questions

Public accountant interview questions are programmed to evaluate a candidate’s working experience, education and ability to handle & conduct the various public accounting procedures. These questions are programmed by the experts after measuring the various traits and regulations of a public accountant designation. By asking these questions, a qualified candidate is appointed as a public accountant by the concerned department.

Sample Public accountant Interview Questions:

  • Tell us something about your work experience? How do you rate your accounting knowledge?
  • Explain the accounting principles defined to work as a public accountant.
  • Explain the terms: balance sheet, loss statement, tax returns and financial reports? How these attributes are related to each other?
  • Do you think public accounting acts as a backbone of the public financial structure? If yes, state with the help of an example.
  • Are you aware about recently introduced tax implications? Tell us the formula to calculate tax on an individual’s property.
  • What is the procedure of setting up an organization’s accounting system? How do you calculate profits and expenditures out of the total income slab?
  • Differentiate between corporate accounting and public accounting?
  • Do you have complete knowledge of legal norms associated with public accounting sector?
  • Explain your role in audit, financial analysis and accuracy procedures conducted in the public accounting department?
  • How do you maintain the record shelves of public tax return records? What method do you follow to preserve the confidential data for the same?
  • Do you think you can meet the deadlines of delivering annual financial reports when you are already working under pressure?
  • How effective communication skills do you have to deal with the potential clients?

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