Quantitative Finance Interview Questions

  1. Tell us something about your background?
  2. What do you understand from quantities finance? How do you rate your knowledge of Quantitative Finance?
  3. Name the institutions with which have you worked on quantitative Finance projects?
  4. Do you think you need any training to initiate new projects on Quantitative finance?
  5. Explain CAPM? Describe maximum likelihood estimation?
  6. What different types of mathematical techniques are available in Quantitative Finance?
  7. Explain APT model and what is the method to derive this table? Discuss the intuition behind APT?
  8. How do you compare APT with CAPM? State the criticism behind APT?
  9. Differentiate between prepayment risk and default payment risk? State each with the help of example?
  10. Give any two differences between convexity and duration?
  11. What is Ito’s lemma? How does it is useful in Quantitative Finance?
  12. Explain the technique to calculate options’ delta?
  13. Do you have any question for us?
  14. When can you join us?

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