Questions ask teaching interview

  1. What is your teaching philosophy? Which method of teaching do you use to teach kids?
  2. Which book have you read recently and on which subject?
  3. If a student has scored poor grades, how will you treat the student? Which is the best method to treat such a student?
  4. What is the positive role of information technology in teaching field?
  5. Would you like to teach in team? What are the pros and cons of team in teaching field?
  6. What if, after your hard work, your students do not pass your subject? How will you justify it to the management?
  7. Are you comfortable with salary package and rules of this institution?
  8. Teacher is the personality that affects a kid’s life? What do you think about it? Do you have favourite students from your previous institutions?
  9. What are the essential requirements to teach a class?
  10. How do you report to parents about their kid’s performance? How many times parent teacher meetings should be conducted?

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