Questions to Ask during a Phone Interview

  1. What are the job responsibilities for this open job?
  2. Which skills are required to serve on this position? How many years of experience are necessary?
  3. Which are the traits/ educational skills and communication flow required for this job? Is there any specific degree or high qualification needed?
  4. What are the organizational goals and departments to be assigned after selection?
  5. What would be the learning cure for this designation?
  6. Explain the salary offered and perks included in the salary?
  7. What kind of major responsibilities will be there? Is it a target based job?
  8. Who will be the concerned person of my contact and to whom I need to report regarding my work after my selection?
  9. What will be the company timings? Is there any over time system? If yes, would I be paid for overtime?
  10. When will be the interview for this job? Describe the department, interviewers name and time for the interview?

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