Quick Test Pro Interview Questions

  1. Give us a brief introduction about yourself highlighting your past experiences
  2. What do you know about QTP and what are the various windows client it can work with?
  3. Can you give me some advantages of QTP over other such applications?
  4. When can a recovery scenario be activated in QTP and what are the various triggers available?
  5. How do you spy objects in QTP 8.0 and how is it different from the previous QTP version?
  6. Explain the differences between Expert view and Keyword view in QTP and when are either used?
  7. What are the various environments supported by QTP?
  8. What are the various phases in QTP testing and can you give a brief about each of them?
  9. What interests you in working with QTP? If not QTP, what else would you be working on?
  10. What are your monetary expectations in this kind of a job role?

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