RDBMS Certification Interview Questions

RDBMS certification interview questions are widely used to interview the deserving applicants, who seek to secure the RDBMS certification to work as a professional. After inspecting the overall knowledge, and skills of dealing with various RDBMS projects of all applicants, a deserving candidate is awarded with a RDBMS certification.

Sample RDBMS Certification Interview Questions:

  • Tell us something about your overall experience as a RDBMS certification candidate.
  • What is the importance of RDBMS certification for you? Please explain.
  • What are the major job functions of a RDBMS certified professional?
  • Do you think you require some more training to work professionally?
  • How many RDBMS projects have you handled in your entire career at an initial stage? What was the success rate of those projects?
  • Tell us something about your skills of working on a business RDBMS projects?
  • What are the different keys available in RDBMS? Name all the keys along with a brief description?
  • Define the value of table in RDBMS? What is the accurate key to create & delete table?
  • How many projects of RDBMS can you handle at a time?
  • What do you understand by a term re-linking? How does a key command function in a table to retrieve certain information?
  • To prepare enrolment software by using RDBMS, how many rows & columns do you use? Name each field including its use.
  • How many project reports have you prepared daily in your previous organization by using the RDBMS? Discuss the format of a report.
  • Do you think you are professionally ready to practice as a RDBMS expert?

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