Real Estate Job Interview Questions

  1. It is said in real estate job you got to be very vigilant about changes around the place of the property. What is your view?
  2. Tell us something about your prior experience in working on a similar job profile. Tell us one bitter instance from this experience.
  3. Are you familiar with the property law prevalent in this country?
  4. How is the documentation generally done in a real estate environment?
  5. Which software do you think is best suited for this job?
  6. You were a student of fine arts all through your college. How come you opted for this job?
  7. One of the prospective customers who had paid initial amount for buying a flat has started to default in payments. How will you react to it?
  8. Are you ready for frequent travelling to long distance?
  9. How is your salary expectation?
  10. Do you wish to make any addition to your resume?

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  1. Praveen Dubey says:

    It’s very appropriate Questions related to Real Estate.

    Please provide the appropriate answer to these questions.

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