Recruitment Executive Interview Questions

Recruitment executive interview questions are the questions that are asked from a candidate while interviewing them for a post of recruitment executive. The questions asked in this interview are designed in a manner to test the skill of the candidate over a set of various parameters. The candidate must have pleasing personality, excellent communication skills and knowledge to manage and handle interview.

Sample Recruitment Executive Interview Questions

  • Have you any previous experience or training in the field of recruitment?
  • What are your educational qualifications?
  • What makes you the best suitable candidate for this post?
  • Why do you want to work for our organization?
  • What are the key skills that you bring to the table and why?
  • How you look forward to work on the assignment if the assignment needs to be done by one of your higher ranked colleague?
  • What makes you to think like a recruiter?
  • What are the key parameters that you will look after in a candidate while recruiting?
  • If a candidate lies about the credentials in the interview what will be your initial step there?
  • What is the average time that is required to take an interview?
  • What is your expectation as monthly salary?
  • Are you ready to work on weekends when other people will be enjoying their holidays?
  • What are your strength and weaknesses that are formidable?
  • How you look forward to change your weaknesses?
  • What are the key skills that are looking forward to acquire?

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