Research Job Interview Questions

  1. What is your subject of research? Why did you choose it?
  2. What are the different tools that are used for research purposes? Which one did you select and why?
  3. Tell us more about your previous experience in the same kind of the job?
  4. Give us an example where your research skills and knowledge helped you to grab a vital project?
  5. Has it ever helped your previous employer? Please illustrate.
  6. What is most amazing aspect of undertaking a research work?
  7. What do you dislike the most about a speedy research?
  8. What are the parameters for a successful research of a project?
  9. Are you used to working in deadlines?
  10. Do you have any experience of working under a team leader?
  11. Cite an example where working under a team leader has been a learning experience for you. How has it helped you?
  12. What is your salary expectation?

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